Other Books / Films


The Work of Human Hands: Hardy Hendren and Surgical Wonder at Children’s Hospital, 1993.

Coming of Age: The True Adventures of Two American Teens, 1995.

Toy Wars: The Epic Struggle Between G.I. Joe, Barbie and the Companies That Make Them, 1998.

King of Hearts: The True Story of the Maverick Who Pioneered Open Heart Surgery, 2000.

Men and Speed: A Wild Ride Through NASCAR’s Breakout Season, 2002.

The Xeno Chronicles: Two Years on the Frontier of Medicine Inside Harvard’s Transplant Research Lab, 2005.

An Uncommon Man: The Life and Times of Senator Claiborne Pell, 2011.

Top Brain, Bottom Brain: Harnessing the Power of the Four Cognitive Modes (with neuroscientist Stephen M. Kosslyn, PhD), 2013.

Car Crazy: The Battle for Supremacy Between Ford and Olds and the Dawn of the Automobile Age, 2015.



Thunder Rise, 1989.

Since the Sky Blew Off: The Essential G. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. 1, 2012. 

Summer Place, 2013. 

Asylum, 2013.

Vapors: The Essential G. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. 2, 2013. 

The Beach That Summer: The Essential G. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. 3, 2014.

Drowned: A Different Kind of Zombie Tale, 2015.


On the Lake: Life and Love in a Distant Place, 2009.

Behind the Hedgerow: Eileen Slocum and the Meaning of Newport Society, 2010.

The Providence Journal’s Coming Home, 2011.

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